Thursday, February 28, 2008

Walt's Witty Wisdom

I was given the chance to teach a gesture drawing class the other day. I was a bit nervous and worried that I wouldn't have anything useful to say. Fortunately, I stumbled across some Walt Stanchfield notes, and found a number of great bits of wisdom to pass on to the class. Here are some of my favorites:

"If yer eyes is stuck on the model, yer mind is bein' left out."

"In drawin', yer eyes and yer mind is pardners -- yer eyes sees it first but yer mind has to correct what they seen."

"It may take two hundred words to convince someone that yer honest, but it only takes 5 lines in a drawin' ta prove you ain't."

"Any details that don't 'help the gesture 'll never be missed."

"When drawin's takes tha place of talk -- they gotta say jest as much"

"A good drawin' doesn't need dialogue ta say what it's got ta."

I didn't get to do very many drawings, as I spent most of the time giving pointers to others, but I'll post what I have tomorrow.